Self Care for Witches


Self care is a term that denotes activities someone does to keep up their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Everyone does this to some extent with doctor check ups, hair cuts, and journalling.  For witches, we can engage in positive activities to grow our spiritual side and personal power.  Of course all of these things can be done as needed, but here’s my schedule for good witchy hygiene.


  • Meditate: At least five minutes with a clear mind, because “Meditation is medicine for the mind.”  It nurtures good metal health and spiritual connections.
  • Visualization Practice: Working with the Third Eye daily provides a way to hone your magical skills since visualization is such an integral part of magic.  These exercises are in just about every magical book on the mass market.  They’re easy and only take a few minutes.
  • Greet the Day: Whatever your religious tradition dictates, saying ‘hey’ to your Gods and guides strengthens your bonds.


  • Do Something Fun or Relaxing:  Too often people get caught up in drama and activity.  So pour a bath, grab a bottle of wine, see a movie, go to dinner with friends, whatever restores your spirit.
  • Sexy Time: Whether alone or with someone else, sex is a powerful experience for everyone.  And maintaining a healthy sex life can be quite spiritual.  Remember if with a partner, make it matter and use all necessary protection.


  • Cleanse the Chakras and Aura: There are a couple of methods for both, although visualization is key (hence the exercises!)  For chakras, I likethis guided meditation which I augment with crystals.  Aura cleansing is a little trickier and way more personal.  Meditate on what methods work for you.


  • Space Cleanse: I am a big advocate of doing this as often as possible.  Bare minimum, around the solstices and equinoxes.
  • Cleanse Your Tools and Crystals: Keep the energies of your favorite stuff clean and ready to use.


  • Psychic House Cleaning: I think people take “psychic vampires” and “energy leaches” way too seriously.  They only have as much power as you allow them to have.  However, it is good once in a while to return to sender any bad vibes you have been getting.

A Spell to Increase Your Income


verbatim from “The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need” 2nd Edition by Singer, MacGregor, and Alexander

The color green is obviously important in money spells. White, however, can also be useful because it represents understanding.


  • Green and white candles
  • A deck of tarot cards
  • An object that represents your desire
  • A pen with green ink and a piece of paper


  • During the waxing moon

Put your candles at opposite ends of your altar. Between them, place an object that represents your desire to increase your income. This can be an object that represents your desire to increase your income - a coin, a dollar bill, a sacred stone, whatever you want.

From your deck of tarot cards, remove the suit of pentacles, which represents money, the Star, and the nine of cups. In front of the white candle place the ace of pentacles; it symbolizes new financial undertakings and opportunities. In front of the green candle, put the ten of pentacles; it’s called the “Wall Street” card and symbolizes a financial windfall. In the middle of the two candles, place the nine of cups - the wish card - and the Star, which symbolizes, among other things, success.

Now light the candles and say:

The money I spend

or the money I lend

comes back to me

in multiples of three.

Visualize the figure you have in mind. Jot it down on the piece of paper. Imagine what you can do with an increase in your income. The more vivid you can make your visualization, backed with intense emotion, the faster it will manifest. This ritual can be as short or as long as you want. The point is to do it with full conscious awareness and intent, backed with emotion. End the spell by blowing out the candle and giving thanks, then toss away the candle.

On the next night, repeat the ritual, but with certain changes. First, remove the two and five or pentacles from your deck. You don’t want these two cards on your altar. The two of pentacles means you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul; the five means poverty and heavy debt.

Light your candles. Say the poem. Then take the remaining cards and place them between the ace and ten of pentacles, the nine of cups (the wish card), and the Star. Visualize, affirm, then blow out the candles and throw them away. Keep everything else on the altar as it is overnight.

On the third night, light the candles and give thanks for everything you have; repeat the poem and feel the reality of your increase in income taking form around you. Blow out the candles and toss them away.

Keep saying the poem as long as you need to, as often as you like, even after the increase begins to manifest.


Summon a Stone Guardian


*To summon a Stone Guardian for protection*


Sit on the ground with the guardian you have chosen (In this case, a Gargoyle, but you can use any statue you like). Holding the guardian in your hands, mediate for about ten minutes on its purpose. When you feel ready, stare into the guardian’s eyes and speak this spell:

"Stone (Gargoyle) Evil you shall deny,
Send it to the earth and back to the sky,
Send it to the flame and to back to the sea
Far away from me. 
Stone of Power and Protection Awaken and Protect Me!”

Then slowly breathe upon the face of your new protector. Place it outside your perimeter to guard your home, on a desk to guard a room, etc.

~B.D: I’ve always wanted a gargoyle statue, and enchanting it for protection is a super good idea!

**Image Source.


Dragons Bite ( warfare Powder)


for the strength and bone crushing bite of a dragon.  Powder that can be used as empowerment for both defensive and offensive spells, could also be used in curses.

 Supplies needed:

  • 5 parts Black Salt
  • 3 parts Chili Powder
  • 1/2 part Dragon’s Blood
  • 1 part Clove
  • 2 parts Thorns
  • 1 part Cinnamon
  • 1 part Mandrake Root
  • Optional Small bones or bone shards  
  • mortar and pestle
  • jar for storing 

Once you assemble all Your ingredients, Mix them together in your mortar and pestle. While doing this focus and feel their energies, pour your power into them and visualizing your magickal intent. Blend and grind the herbs until you feel that they are ready. once done add them to a jar and label it. now your ready to use your powder. 


Doublets Magick


Lewis Carroll (AKA Charles Dodgeson) was very fond of inventing word games, and one such game was Doublets—in which a word was, through a sequence of letter substitutions—transformed into a synonym of the same number of letters. For example: cat-cot-cog-dog

So I thought to use it for spells!

Say you want to bring more money into your life. You might try something like “poor-roor-rooh-roch-rich.” You might write it on paper, charge it with intent by chanting the sequence with a focus on bringing money to yourself, and burn it to release that intent.

EDIT: We’ve since been made privvy to a bit of info we missed the first go ‘round: In the original game, every step between the two words ALSO has to be an actual word. BUT! If that’s too difficult for you, you can, of course, stick to the version without. But if you want a challenge, or to give the spell a bit more OOMPH, look for words that would have enough words between them to complete the ladder!

Play around with it! It’s all a game~






When making pies you can inscribe sigils and symbols into the crust to add magic to the finished product.



YUSS YUSSSS this is happening in my home!!!

rebloggin’ from mah personal bloge because SIGIL PIES MOTHERFUCKERS >8D







When making pies you can inscribe sigils and symbols into the crust to add magic to the finished product.



YUSS YUSSSS this is happening in my home!!!

rebloggin’ from mah personal bloge because SIGIL PIES MOTHERFUCKERS >8D


College Witchcraft


College presents its’ own set of challenges for all of us. Aside from the usual hurdles involved with classes and coursework and meeting new people, there’s transplanting your witchcraft to deal with. The three biggest problems in that arena are:

  • Conflicts with roommate(s)
  • Materials like candles, incense, and blades not allowed in dorms
  • Lack of available resources

Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with that.

The first and most important thing is dealing with your roommate. If you know the person beforehand, I strongly urge you to sit down with them and have an open and honest discussion about your beliefs and theirs. Put everyone’s cards on the table and see where you both stand. Hopefully, you’ll be able to come to a consensus. If not, see if you’re able to find another roommate, because that’s a fight you don’t want to have to have in your room.

Now, as to the tools of your trade, there are plenty of substitutions you can make that work just as well, even if they aren’t as much fun to use.

  • Knives/Blades - If it’s a ceremonial blade that you use purely for symbolism, you can make a “knife” with your dominant hand, by holding it up with all four fingers and thumb straight together and rigid. If you’re using it to carve something, pins or toothpicks with do that job. For cutting purposes, substitute a pair of scissors.
  • Incense & Candles - Depending on your roommate’s sensitivity to certain smells, you could get a reed diffuser for scented oil or a plug-in air freshener. For the light of the candles, you can get battery-powered tealights or decorative electric candles or string lights (available as holiday decorations).

Additionally, if your practice includes burnt or scattered offerings, you can put the materials in a bowl and leave them on your altar space from dawn until dusk or vice versa. Then, take the offering and dispose of it, as appropriate, in one of the following ways:

  • Into your room trash or an outdoor trash receptacle (for paper, larger items, or uneaten food)
  • Down the sink drain or toilet (ONLY if liquid or fully water soluble)
  • Scattered on open ground (ONLY if small non-littering particles like herbs)
  • Consume it yourself (if food or drink and safe to do so)

Please keep in mind if you choose to scatter an herb offering, DO NOT scatter salt on grass or in a garden, as it will harm the plants and make the soil alkaline and unable to grow anything.

As for raw materials, you can do witchcraft with just about anything, even down to pencil and paper if need be. If you have a green thumb, see if your window will let you have a couple of potted herb plants on the windowsill. If not, check the supermarket spice aisle for readily available herbs and spices. You can also order herbs and materials online, provided that they don’t conflict with your dorm’s rules. Check back on this blog for more tips on cheap and easy witchcraft.

And remember, my askbox is always open over at breelandwalker if you have questions!

Happy Crafting, College Witches!


Urban witch kit: What you need on the go


This is what I carry on a regular basis for my witchcraft. Whenever I have a purse, I have all these with me.

  • Paper, pen, pencil and eraser, for on-the-go sigils
  • A pocketknife, preferably one with a scissors attachment
  • At least one cigarette lighter, whether you smoke or not (I don’t) to burn things
  • Chalk if you’re into drawing sigils on concrete and things
  • A phone. This is basic urban survival more than urban witchery, but you need some kind of cell phone.
  • Hand sanitizer for on-the-go purification in case of touching undesirable things
  • Gloves to keep energies off you when you’re handling them
  • Sunglasses for glamours and protections
  • A compact or other hand mirror for various things including divination
  • Your preferred divination method, if portable, is also good to include
  • A pack of cards
  • A key—house, locker, car, skeleton key that doesn’t open anything, doesn’t matter—for personal wards

All cheap, easily accessible things. All things that will come in handy for any spontaneous spellcasting.