College Witchcraft


College presents its’ own set of challenges for all of us. Aside from the usual hurdles involved with classes and coursework and meeting new people, there’s transplanting your witchcraft to deal with. The three biggest problems in that arena are:

  • Conflicts with roommate(s)
  • Materials like candles, incense, and blades not allowed in dorms
  • Lack of available resources

Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with that.

The first and most important thing is dealing with your roommate. If you know the person beforehand, I strongly urge you to sit down with them and have an open and honest discussion about your beliefs and theirs. Put everyone’s cards on the table and see where you both stand. Hopefully, you’ll be able to come to a consensus. If not, see if you’re able to find another roommate, because that’s a fight you don’t want to have to have in your room.

Now, as to the tools of your trade, there are plenty of substitutions you can make that work just as well, even if they aren’t as much fun to use.

  • Knives/Blades - If it’s a ceremonial blade that you use purely for symbolism, you can make a “knife” with your dominant hand, by holding it up with all four fingers and thumb straight together and rigid. If you’re using it to carve something, pins or toothpicks with do that job. For cutting purposes, substitute a pair of scissors.
  • Incense & Candles - Depending on your roommate’s sensitivity to certain smells, you could get a reed diffuser for scented oil or a plug-in air freshener. For the light of the candles, you can get battery-powered tealights or decorative electric candles or string lights (available as holiday decorations).

Additionally, if your practice includes burnt or scattered offerings, you can put the materials in a bowl and leave them on your altar space from dawn until dusk or vice versa. Then, take the offering and dispose of it, as appropriate, in one of the following ways:

  • Into your room trash or an outdoor trash receptacle (for paper, larger items, or uneaten food)
  • Down the sink drain or toilet (ONLY if liquid or fully water soluble)
  • Scattered on open ground (ONLY if small non-littering particles like herbs)
  • Consume it yourself (if food or drink and safe to do so)

Please keep in mind if you choose to scatter an herb offering, DO NOT scatter salt on grass or in a garden, as it will harm the plants and make the soil alkaline and unable to grow anything.

As for raw materials, you can do witchcraft with just about anything, even down to pencil and paper if need be. If you have a green thumb, see if your window will let you have a couple of potted herb plants on the windowsill. If not, check the supermarket spice aisle for readily available herbs and spices. You can also order herbs and materials online, provided that they don’t conflict with your dorm’s rules. Check back on this blog for more tips on cheap and easy witchcraft.

And remember, my askbox is always open over at breelandwalker if you have questions!

Happy Crafting, College Witches!


Urban witch kit: What you need on the go


This is what I carry on a regular basis for my witchcraft. Whenever I have a purse, I have all these with me.

  • Paper, pen, pencil and eraser, for on-the-go sigils
  • A pocketknife, preferably one with a scissors attachment
  • At least one cigarette lighter, whether you smoke or not (I don’t) to burn things
  • Chalk if you’re into drawing sigils on concrete and things
  • A phone. This is basic urban survival more than urban witchery, but you need some kind of cell phone.
  • Hand sanitizer for on-the-go purification in case of touching undesirable things
  • Gloves to keep energies off you when you’re handling them
  • Sunglasses for glamours and protections
  • A compact or other hand mirror for various things including divination
  • Your preferred divination method, if portable, is also good to include
  • A pack of cards
  • A key—house, locker, car, skeleton key that doesn’t open anything, doesn’t matter—for personal wards

All cheap, easily accessible things. All things that will come in handy for any spontaneous spellcasting.


Pop Culture Curse: “Done.” curse, AKA “Banishing With Interest”


I was listening to “Done.” by The Band Perry and I realized the song works well as a curse for a person I’ve been having problems with. Because of the nature of the song it will work best for an abusive significant other, but can also work for a stalker, abusive family member, or anyone else who has power over you of some kind and abuses you with it.

The lines we’re taking this spell from are:

You’re one bridge I’d like to burn
Bottle up the ashes
Smash the urn
I’m through with you.

You will need:

  • A picture of the person
  • A glass jar or bottle
  • Something to wrap the jar in so you don’t get glass everywhere
  • A marker or pen
  • A hammer
  • FIRE—as in a lighter or matches

What you’re going to do:

  1. GET ANGRY. This kind of curse runs on your anger and hurt so you need it to fuel you for the entire spell.
  2. Take the picture and write everything you want them to hear on it. Pour all your anger into it. You might want to put “I’m through with you” somewhere on it. Additionally, do anything else you want to do to the person. Scribble out their eyes/mouth/whatever part they use to hurt you.
  3. Set the picture on fire. You’ll need the ashes for the next part, so if the jar isn’t big enough to drop the picture in, get a pie tin or something to catch them instead.
  4. Put all the ashes into the jar or bottle.
  5. Wrap the jar or bottle in whatever you had ready for the purpose.
  6. Take the hammer and smash the jar into bits.
  7. Dump the whole bundle into the trash.

A Chant for Charging Items


Hold the object you wish to infuse with your intent and energy, say the following:

Now I focus my intent,
Hear me as my goal is set.
I channel my energy into this [object],
Making my true purpose known.
Let this tool now work with me,
As I will it, so shall it be.

Next, state the purpose of the spell/working/etc (ex: “this stone will be used for my emotional protection”), then say:

With this chant let all be told,
Let this dedication hold.

— found in The Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant


A Spell for Bringing About Consequences


"The complete freedom.

The lack of consequence.

It terrifies you.”

This spell is for those situations where one person or another has gone on too long without their actions having proper consequences.

Perhaps that person you know has been slowly stealing from the place you work for yet despite all evidence just cannot seem to be caught. Perhaps a pot-stirrer who never seems to be affected by the rumours they spread. Perhaps you when for some time it feels like your actions have no effect on the world.

This spell is for reacquainting them with the world, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. No one can live in a sand box forever, free from consequence; everyone must come home at some point and face up to what they have done or reap the rewards of their training.

"Life has become out of focus, free of consequence."

You will need:

  • A sword (/knife/letter opener)
  • A representation of your target*
  • Utter faith that every action must have a consequence
  • Empathy for your target^
  • A bowl
  • A rainy day

*Try and get some hair of theirs in it, A photo or poppet will do, or you can capture their reflection (get their reflection in a charmed mirror and then cover it up until it is needed). A signature also, or just their name will do in a pinch probably if that’s all you have. n.B. if the target is you, you don’t need a representation.

^This is an “ultimate good” sort of spell, or a “world order” spell if you prefer that wording. The results may or may not be pleasant, but it is not healthy for either the individual or the society for someone to live outside of consequence. You are doing what is best for them by bringing them back.

"All at once, the consequences. All at once you are no longer free."

When it is raining, go outside with your sword, bowl and representation. Somewhere private is best. Place the bowl down where it will fill up with rain. Place the representation down and point your sword at it. If you are the target, CAREFULLY hold the blade between your palms, tip pointing towards your forehead. Say the following, replacing “you” with “me” and “your” with “my” as necessary:

Every action has a reaction. Every move has a consequence.

As this rain wets me, so shall the consequences fall on you.

No more shall you have the complete freedom to do anything in this life;

No more shall you live apart from the cycle of action and reaction;

No more shall your actions have no effect on the world or be unaffected by it.

Pick up the bowl in your other hand. If you are holding the sword towards your forehead, put it down first (also do so if you can’t hold the bowl steady in one hand). Hold it above the representation, or your head. Say:

As this water falls on your head, so shall you feel the effects of your actions.

The consequences are inescapable.

So be it.

Pour the collected rainwater on the representation, or your head. Don’t miss.

Over the coming weeks the consequences that seem to have been lacking will all come around.

"All at once, the consequences. All at once you are no longer free. It all makes sense and you are finally being punished.

You can’t think of a time you have ever been happier.”

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